Deployment of energy meters

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Under the Federal Law No. 261-FZ "On Energy Conservation and Increase of Energy Efficiency" all energy resources produced, transmitted, and consumed are subject to compulsory accounting by virtue of the respective meters. This requirement covers all facilities connected to any centralized energy supply system. The Law sets deadlines for the installation of such meters with respect to different categories of buildings and structures:
By 1 January 2011 installation of water, natural gas, thermal energy, electrical energy meters in commercial and industrial buildings and constructions.
Until 1 January 2011, all legal entities, government institutions shall be equipped with energy metering devices, and not later than a month after their installation, pay for the energy consumed based on the readings of the metering devices.
By 1 January 2012 installation of collective and individual meters in dwelling houses and apartments.
Until 1 January 2012, all owners of residential houses and flats in multi-flat buildings shall have metering devices both in the building as a whole, and in each flat (except for thermal energy), with the right to apply to an energy supply organization for energy metering device installation on the terms of 5-year payment by instalments.
The law includes also the provision that buildings and structures after their completion, renovation or capital repairs are not fitted with energy resource metering equipment may not be commissioned (Art.11).
Because the meters are to be paid for by owners (residents) themselves this measure is linked with the possibility of entering into energy performance contracts.
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