Act of 29 August 2014 on the energy performance of buildings

Last updated: 14 September 2020
The enacted Act partially transposes Directive 2010/31/EC on the energy performance of buildings to Polish law. Compared with existing legislation in the field of energy efficiency in buildings, the adopted act especially determines and focuses on: • Verification of Energy Performance Certificates and inspection reports of heating and air conditioning systems by an independent body • Obligation to provide information on the energy efficiency of buildings in advertising, where a building certificate has already been done • Obligation of minister responsible for housing, local planning and housing to develop a national plan aimed at increasing the number of buildings with low energy consumption • Obligation to hold a certificate for buildings occupied by judicial authorities, prosecutor's office and public authorities, in which a service is performed for visitors, with an area of more than 250 m2, and introduces an obligation to place it in a prominent (visible) place • an obligation to display energy performance certificates in a prominent place in the case of buildings with a useful floor area exceeding 500 m2 in which services are provided to the public and for which the certificate is drawn up.• introducing the possibility to execute energy performance certificates both by calculation method and on the basis of actual energy consumption, which should make it easier for both the persons drawing up the certificates and the persons who commission them,• extending the period for carrying out mandatory inspections of heating systems with boilers of nominal output from 20 to 100 kW from 4 years (mandatory from 1 January 2009) to 5 years. The purpose of these inspections is for the investor to obtain information about his heating system: whether it is properly selected for users' needs, what its efficiency is and whether it is advisable to take measures to improve its performance in terms of energy efficiency, which is directly related to potential financial benefits,• Changing requirements of qualification for persons applying for inclusion in the list of persons authorised to draw up the certificates of energy performance of buildings, as well as expanding the list of entities that may apply for inclusion in the list of persons entitled to control the heating and air conditioning system. Register is avaliable at

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