Clean Transportation Initiatives

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Clean Transportation Initiatives form part of the federal government's framework for environmental protection and economic prosperity. The strategy seeks to improve the health of Canadians and the environment by reducing the environmental impacts of transportation; securing Canada's future prosperity and competitiveness by making critical transportation infrastructure sustainable, both economically and environmentally; and promoting an efficient transportation system that supports choice and a high quality of life. A range of initiatives has been announced under this strategy. These initiatives include: 1) Air, Rail and Marine Emission Regulations; 2) ecoTECHNOLOGY for Vehicles II initiative: conducts in-depth safety, environmental and performance testing on a range of new and emerging advanced vehicle technologies for passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks; 3) Gateway Carbon Footprint Initiative: aims at generating and organizing data to quantify the carbon performance of Canada's strategic gateways and trade corridors; 4) Truck Reservation Systems Program: looks at ways innovative technology applications and improved operational practices can help increase efficiency and environmental sustainability for port terminal and trucking fleet operators; 5) Shore Power Technology for Ports: provides cost-shared funding for the deployment of marine shore power technology at Canadian ports; this technology allows ships to plug into the local electrical grid to power the vessel instead of using their auxiliary diesel engines when docked.

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