Energy Conservation and Recycling Assistance Act

Last updated: 24 August 2021
Act on the rational use of energy and recycled resources utilization, known as the "Energy Conservation and Recycling Assistance Act" was revised in May 2003 and the effective period was extended to the year 2013 and ended this year.The act covered such schemes as 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) concept based activities, additional financial assistance for overseas energy conservation or CO2 emission reduction projects, and the use of Kyoto Mechanisms (the revised act covers CDM and JI projects).From its inception, this act had assisted business operators who voluntarily undertook activities such as the rationalization of energy use and the use of recycled resources, including the provision of fiscal and financial incentives, such as low-interest loans. The following three categories of activities were defined as specific business activities and any business operator, or other agent carrying out these activities were able to submit an activity plan to the competent minister for approval:- Installing new equipment or improving existing equipment contributing to the rationalization of energy use in a factory or other business location.- The use of building material, the installation or improvement of any equipment contributing to the rationalization of energy use in the construction of a building.- Conducting R&D on the manufacturing technique of an industrial product contributing to the rationalization of energy use.

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