The Green Investment Fund

Last updated: 20 August 2019

Earlier the National Energy Conservation Programme was the main equipment to support energy efficiency projects in Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement Action Programme. After this program the Green Investment System (GIS) (ZBR in Hungarian) has operated since 2009, and also in 2014 with actually variable sources which mainly based on governmental income from carbon dioxide quota sales.   

In 2014 the Green Investment Fund (ZFR in Hungarian)  was established (by Act CCXXX of 2013 law on the central budget for 2014) and this will operate continuously in the future based on the budget law. The ZFR also gives supports for more nationally programs, but it has a range of complex tasks Ministry of National Development Decree 69/2013. (XI. 28.) about the utilization of appropriations of the Green Economy Financial System. Hungary from the ZFR budget pays the contribution to the Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund anf the ZFR gives the financial sources for other international financial obligation, such as membership fees related the climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy. The ZFR also could give some sopport programs connected the climate change actions (adaptation or prevention)


In 2014 the ZFR EE support programs are next:

  • Modernization heating (boiler replacement) subprogram (ZFR-KAZ/14 ). Budget: 1.600.000.000 HUF.
  • Large household appliances replacing action for refrigerating or freezing equipment (HGCS-2014 ). Budget: 627.100.000 HUF.

More several other ZFR programs are expected yet in 2014.

In addition also some ZBR support programs are available in 2014:  

  • Action for the gas (CNG) buses purchasing  in the public transport (ÚSZT-ZBR-CNG-2014), Budget: 1.600.000.000 HUF.
  • Façade door and window replacement Subprogram (ZBR-NY/14). Budget: HUF.

More several other ZBR programs are expected yet in 2014.