New Széchenyi Plan and Environment and Energy Operative Programme

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The programme uses EU and Hungarian government funds to provide subsidies for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. Various sectors are targeted, including energy production, transport, distribution and end use, with a special focus on public buildings.
The programme aims to improve energy efficiency across sectors, based on calls for proposals within a certain budget. Applications are open until the budget is used up.
In 2012-2013, interventions for energy efficiency were made in the following areas:
KEOP-2012-5.6.0 Energy efficiency investments in central government agencies (budget: HUF 20 billion);
KEOP-2012-5.5.0/A: Building energy development and energy-efficient lighting transformation (budget: HUF 15.5 billion);
KEOP-2012-5.5.0/B: Combined building energy and renewable energy developments (budget: HUF 11.5 billion);
KEOP-2012-5.4.0: District heating energy modernisation (budget: HUF 2.08 billion).
The programmes are open only to the non-residential sector. The share of aid, in line with EU rules, is maximised. For the residential sector a different scheme is available. The main source comes only from national income from CO2 quota trading.
KEOP 7.9.0/12 supports the establishment of national energy efficiency action plans and six high priority projects:
Project title
Project owner
Analysis of energy management tools in the public sector and development of an extensive programme
HUF 599 740 000
ÉMI Non-Profit Llc
Establish a sustainable urban energy management model and development programme for cities over 40 000 population
HUF 599 144 000
ÉMI Non-Profit Llc
Survey of residential building energy efficiency potential
HUF 1 196 019 189
Pro Regio Central Hungary Regional Development Company Ltd.
A national survey of industrial energy efficiency potential for 2014-2020 support planning
HUF 500 000 000
Virtual Power Plant Program Nonprofit Ltd.
Development of the 2014-2020 budget period CO2 savings-clearing model concept version
HUF 800 000 000
Virtual Power Plant Program Nonprofit Ltd.
Development of annual development programme and action plan for public buildings' energy efficiency renovation in 2014-2020
HUF 1 196 243 500
Pro Regio Central Hungary Regional Development Company Ltd.
The programme also aims to increase the share of renewable energy to 13% by 2020. Small- and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions and non-profit organisations can apply for the subsidy. The programmes support the following planned activities in the field of renewable energy:
Supporting biomass-utilisation, waste utilisation, biological waste based biogas production and utilisation, geothermal electric and/or thermal energy generation and utilisation, heat pump systems, solar power;
Improving existing water power plants' life span, efficiency, and energy conversion efficiency, as well as supporting the establishment of smaller water power plants;
Electric energy production via wind power;
The introduction and application of tools and regulatory measures that support the integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity and other energy networks

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