Tax deduction for investments in energy efficiency & renewable energy by Enterprises

Last updated: 5 November 2017
This deduction for increased investments applies to fixed assets which tend to promote research and development of new products and advanced technologies which have no harmful effect on the environment and tend to a more rational use of energy. This deduction can be found in the Income Tax Code of 1992, Article 69, § 1,1 2 ° b and c and has already been applied for some years. This policy makes incentives available for environmentally sound investments by industry. It provides tax deductions of up to 10.5% of investment costs (Article 70.1 Income Tax Code of 1992. Investments are considered eligible if they deal either with energy efficiency, or energy resulting from non-polluting treatment of industrial and urban waste. The policy covers projects dealing with solar, wind, hydro energy, biomass (including biofuels) and geothermal energy technologies as well as RD&D activities that promote environmentally sound technologies. Tax payers are allowed to spread the deductions out over several years. The policy also offers grants totalling 20.5% of the investment and 25.5% for especially innovative companies.

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