National Energy Policy

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The National energy policy for Malta was launched in December 2012 after the publication of a first draft in 2009 and the finalisation of a strategic environmental impact assessment in September 2012. It lists decisions and actions that have already been implemented as well as measures aimed at ensuring the sustainability of Malta's energy sector.
Proposed measures on renewable energy include:
1) a feed-in tariff system for the installation of PV panels by the private sector which are not supported through other funding, providing between 16 and 18 cents per kWh;
2) a new call for tender to install PV panels on an additional 40,000 square meters of public building rooftops;
3) a new scheme giving the option of a communal PV solution for small investors and for households who do not have access to a rooftop;
4) the extension of incentives for the purchase of solar water heaters and the installation of double glazing apertures and other measures of insulation and efficient use of energy.