The Planning and Buildings Act (2016-)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Energy requirements in the technical requirements for building works chapter 14, Technical Building Works Regulations. Latest amendments adopted November 12, 2015.
The latest tightening of the energy efficiency requirements for new buildings was adopted November 2015, entered into force 1. January 2016, with a transition period until 1. January 2017.
Detailed title: Amendments to the technical requirements for building works chapter 14 (Energy), Technical Building Works Regulations of 26 March 2010 No. 489. Planning and Building Act of 27 June 2008 no 71. (amending regulation, in Norwegian) (regulation, in Norwegian)

Applicable Building Type(s)

Existing non-residential, Existing residential, New non-residential, New residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence

Policy preceded by: The Planning and Building Act (2010-2015)


Development Authority: Norwegian Building Authority, Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation
Implementation Authority: Local Government (municipalities)
Verification Authority: Local Government (municipalities)
Enforcement Authority: Local Government (municipalities)

Prescriptive Compliance path

Prescriptive - Energy Requirements for Buildings

Heated usable floor area

Energy Requirements:


U-Values (W/m2.K)




Minimum requirements

‰¤ 0.22

‰¤ 0.18

‰¤ 0.18

Basic/standard requirements

‰¤ 0.18

‰¤ 0.10

‰¤ 0.13


U-Values (W/m2.K)


Minimum requirements

‰¤ 1.2

Basic/standard requirements

‰¤ 0.8

Proportion of window and door areas ‰¤ 25% of heated usable floor space.

Air Leakage

The energy budget in the requirements assume an air leakage of max. 0.6 l/(s.m2) at 50 Pa.

Renewable Energy

Section 14-4 Energy supply requirements
1) The installation of fossil fuel heating installations is not permitted.
2) Buildings with heated usable floor space (BRA) of more than 1,000 m2 shall
a) have energy flexible heating systems,
b) adapted for the use of low temperature heating systems.
3) The requirements in the second paragraph does not apply to small houses.
4) Small houses must be constructed with chimneys. The requirement does not apply if
a) the house is constructed with a central heating system, or
b) yearly net energy need for heating does not exceed the requirements for passive houses, calculated in accordance with Norwegian standard NS 3700:2013 Criterias for passive houses and low energy houses.

Compliance Softwares:

Various software can be used if in line with national calculation methods

End-uses considered:
Space heating, Appliances, Water heating, Lighting interior, Ventilation



Climate zones

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