PIMA Transporte/ Renewal of Road Vehicles

Last updated: 26 September 2019

The Plan to Promote the Environment (PIMA Transporte), approved on December 19, 2014 by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment was intended to withdraw old heavy vehicles for the transport of goods and buses through scrapping. The current state of ageing of the professional heavy fleet for the transport of goods and passengers makes it recommendable to establish aid in order to withdraw the oldest vehicles. The withdrawal of the less efficient vehicles is considered to be one of the most efficient measures for the reduction of energy consumption. For this purpose, a budget of €4.7 million was approved for the renovation of buses and heavy transport of goods vehicles through the concession of aid intended for scrapping buses, as well as vehicles for the transport of goods with their own traction capacity greater than 3.5 tons of maximum mass authorised, (MMA) registered for the first time before January 1, 2007.


Royal Decree 1081/2014, of December 19. (Official State Gazette of 20 December, 2014)