Carpooling & Car Sharing - Wallonia, Flanders & Brussels-Capital

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Walloon Region invests in car sharing and participates in a European project in this field. In Flanders the regional commuter plan, drafted in 2005, sets out the objectives and points of action to increase the use of sustainable modes of transport to and from work. It contains a section on improving carpooling and car-sharing. Carpooling has been promoted for many years in Flanders. The initiative was in fact originally taken by a non-profit organization called "Taxistop".
Since 1998 the Flemish Region promotes carpooling in a more structured way. The Flemish government stimulates carpooling via the improved Flemish carpool database (initiated and operated by Taxistop), where people can search and find a carpool partner. This service is intended for individuals (for whom it is free) and companies. Additionally, the Flemish government makes necessary infrastructural investments, such as carpool parking spaces. Building on the carpooling experience, the Flemish government also provides advice to companies who want to introduce a vanpooling scheme. In vanpooling schemes the employer provides a van that is used by the employees to travel to and from work.
Backed by the Brussels Capital Region, the company Taxistop ( which proposes :- carpooling services : - carsharing services : - carsharing between citizens : carsharing for disabled people :
3 carsharing operators in Brussels capital Region (Cambio, Zencar and Ubeeqo) may offer to them clients a reduced parking card thanks to the support of the Brussels Capital Region
This scheme allows people to give up ownership of a private vehicle, thus reducing the number of car journeys made as they do not have a car available all the time.