PIMA Air Program

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Another program launched by national government was “Plan PIMA Air”, a carscrapping program for commercial vehicles which has been running from February2013.There are incentives of 1,000 EUR for the acquisition of vans up to 2,500 kgweight and of vans over 2,500 kg, the incentives are 2,000 EUR per van. SinceOctober 25th, 2013, electric motorcycles, scooters, and bikes were also included tothis incentives program (“Plan PIMA Air 2”), with incentives up to 400 EUR, 250EUR, and 200 EUR respectively per category.Incentives of Plan PIMA Air can be added to the MOVELE Program incentives,but not to the PIVE Program.During 2014, the third edition of the PIMA Air program (“PIMA Air 3”) wasrunning, funded with a budget of 5.5 million EUR, and a number of 2,671commercial vehicles were renewed and a number of 2,468 electric bicycles wereacquired in this frame.

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