Unified Energy Saving Labeling Program

Last updated: 27 October 2021

The 2005 revision of the Energy Conservation Act introduced new and reinforced labeling provisions for appliances. The new Uniform Energy Saving Label is mandatory for retailers and must contain information on the appliance's expected electricity cost or fuel usage information. The new comparative rating system is presented as five-star rating, and provides consumers with the information needed to compare across products in the same category. Efficiency increases with the number of stars.


As of October 2021, the label is required for nine designated products: air conditioners, electric refrigerators and freezers, electric toilet seats, TV sets, LED lights and water heaters using electricity, gas and oil.


Use of labels indicating energy efficiency levels for other appliances are to be provided on a voluntary basis by the manufacturer in the form of an endorsement label. The voluntary label marks whether the product meets the Top Runner performance criteria or not using a colour code and a percentage score.

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