Trans-European Transport Network - COM(2001)544 / COM(2001)545

Last updated: 25 July 2022

The European Commission proposed in October 2001 to concentrate investment on infrastructure projects for the Trans-European transport network in order to reduce bottlenecks and curb congestion [COM(2001)544], thereby considerably reducing the CO2 emissions from transport. The Commission is also proposing to update the list of priority projects and to raise the minimum amount of Community ficing from 10 to 20% for a number of critical railway projects and for cross-border projects in future accession countries [COM(2001)545].


The European Commission proposes to modify the priorities of the Trans-European network so as to optimise its capacity by concentrating investment on the creation of a rail network that gives priority to freight, including port connections; the development of a high-speed network for passengers, integrating rail and air; and intelligent transport systems, in particular through plans to deploy traffic management systems along congested routes. In making these changes, the European Commission intends to update the maps of the outline plans and to incorporate the most recent Community legislation on the environment.

These proposals are a natural follow-up to the call from the Gothenburg European Council to give priority to rail, inland waterways, short sea shipping, intermodal transport and the corresponding connections.

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