Modification to the Biomass, Waste and Wind Energy Premiums

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 2 May 2017

Within the Renewable Action Plan 2000-2010, an inter-ministerial commission was created in 2001 to promote a package of measures and remove barriers in the deployment of renewable energy sources. Modification of renewable energy premiums has been introduced in the legislation that set the yearly electric tariffs. The premium for energy from biomass has been increased from €0.0279/kWh in 2002 to €0.0332/kWh in 2003, and also for the livestock manure management from €0.0271/kWh to €0.0294/kWh. Conversely, the premium for wind energy has been reduced from €0.0290/kWh to €0.0266/kWh.

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