GDRE/MENR Informational Activities

Last updated: 1 August 2019
Activities to increase knowledge and public awareness have been regularly conducted in Turkey, such as training, preparation of materials, videos and posters, and national and international events (seminars, conferences, workshops, etc). In 2008, which was announced as Energy Efficiency Year, a NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY MOVEMENT € was commenced with the participation of the public and private sectors and non-governmental organisations for the purpose of using energy efficiently and effectively at each point and avoiding its waste with the priority of electrical energy and with this initiative it was proposed to use energy efficiently and effectively at each point and prevent its waste in terms of protecting the energy supply safety of Turkey at the highest level and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a priority on electrical energy. In this context, an assistant governor was named Energy Efficiency Coordinator € in cities and Governors prepared Action Plans to implement in their cities. With the close collaboration of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education, energy efficient lamps were distributed to students in primary schools. Awareness and support meetings directed at promoting use of energy efficient motors in industrial zones in various cities were arranged with the collaboration of manufacturers and importers of electrical motors.
Furthermore Energy Efficiency Project Competitions in Industry (SENVER) were arranged each year for the purpose of demonstrating, introducing and promoting energy efficient and environmentally-conscious projects and technologies, which are implemented by industrial establishments, and increasing exchange of information between industrial establishments, and encouraging new and similar studies on the subject of energy efficiency. In addition, Energy Efficiency Week € activities have been arranged in the second week of January of each year for the purpose of increasing the energy efficiency consciousness of society, increasing efficiency in the production and use of energy, promoting a national energy efficiency movement. An important element of the energy efficiency week activities is the National Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair event, organised with the participation of national and international experts, where progress, bottlenecks and solution in energy efficiency are discussed. In the framework of this event, discussion sessions like conference and panels, fair activities including energy efficient products and technologies, awarding persons and establishments making successful studies with prizes, and various cultural and art activities take place. The 6th National Energy Efficiency Forum took place in Istanbul on 14-17 January 2015 and the 7th National Energy Efficiency Forum was held on January 14-16, 2016 in Istanbul.

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