Renewable Remote Power Generation Programme

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 20 May 2014

The Renewable Remote Power Generation Programme (RRPGP), part of the Measures for a Better Environment package, provides up to 50% of the capital cost for installing new renewable power facilities in off-grid applications. Funds are allocated to relevant states and the Northern Territory on the basis of the relevant Diesel Fuel Excise paid in each jurisdiction by public generators in the years 2000-2001 to 2003-2004. At the programme start, eligibility was conditional upon applicants demonstrating that installations would displace diesel power with renewables. In December 2004, the Australian Government announced changes to the RRPGP, including: increasing eligibility for proposals to reduce any fossil fuel usage, not just diesel; expanding eligibility to include solar thermal, energy efficiency and projects on the fringe of the main grid; increasing the maximum rebate level available for some projects; and extending the deadline for expenditure of funds to 2012. Qualifying capital costs include renewable energy generation equipment, enabling/ancillary equipment (inverters, etc.) and essential expenditures such as installation costs. The programme was extended in July 2007, with the federal government designating an additional AUD 123.5 million to the programme over four years. Around AUD 328 million will be available over the life of the RRPGP. Renewable Energy Water Pumping sub-programme: The RRPGP Renewable Energy Water Pumping sub-programme provides rebates for business, government and other incorporated organisations, to support the installation of renewable energy water pumping systems in those areas of Australia not close to a main-grid. The sub-programme aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing reliance on diesel fuel for remote water pumping applications. This sub-programme provides rebates for the renewable energy components of water pumps that displace diesel engine powered pumps in off-grid applications. Residential and Medium-scale (RM) sub-programme: The RRPGP Residential and Medium-scale (RM) sub-programme commenced on 23 July 2007. This sub-programme provides rebates for households, communities, not-for-profit, business, government and other organisations, in those areas of Australia that are not close to a main grid, to support the installation of renewable generation systems (where existing RRPGP sub-programmes are not available). Rebates of up to 50% of the capital cost of renewable generation and essential enabling equipment are available to applicants that fully comply with the eligibility requirements and procedures outlined in the RM sub-programme guidelines. The Residential and Medium-scale (RM) and Renewable Energy Water Pumping sub-programmes are not currently available in Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania where existing RRPGP sub programmes are still available. In February 2008, AUD 42 million was not rephased into future years and was identified as budget savings. Funding for RRPGP closed on 22 June 2009 to new applicants in all states except Western Australia, as funding for the programme has now been committed.

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