Funding for Low Emissions Technology and Abatement

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In 2005, the government announced it would provide funding of AUD 26.9 million over four years (2005-2009) to encourage ongoing investment in the development, demonstration and deployment of smaller-scale low emissions technologies, and other cost-effective abatement activities. Elements included: -Strategic Abatement: This element targets cost-effective abatement for local government and communities -Geosequestration Monitoring Pilot Project : Funds a research grant to demonstrate monitoring and verification technologies for geosequestration in Australia -Renewables: Supports capacity building in the renewable energy industry via projects which address barriers to uptake of renewable energy technologies including lack of standards, training, information provision and testing for renewable energy technologies. This underpinning of the deployment of renewable energy technologies is to provide a long term path for significant greenhouse abatement from the energy sector. A planned Low Emission Fossil Fuels component of the programme - intended to target energy efficiency improvement in fossil fueled electricity generators - was cancelled due to lack of interest by the industry.

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