Biomass Task Force Report

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The UK Governments Biomass Task Force was assembled in order to investigate and provide recommendation on importance, potentail and role of the biomass sector in reducing overall carbon emissions in the UK to the government. The Task Forces report, published in October 2005, proposed government funding for heat and power generated from a range of biomass feedstocks, including straw, wood chips, waste, energy crops and sewage sludge, and incentives to plant crops for energy generation.The report also urged the UK Government to reduce emissions from decomposing agricultural waste by converting it, via anaerobic digestion, into biogas for burning as a renewable fuel.On 27 April 2006, the Task Force published the Biomass Action Plan, outlining a five-year capital grant scheme for biomass boilers, with funding of 10 million to 15 million pounds over the first two years. The Action Plan put forth plans for a Biomass Energy Centre to provide expert information and advice. The plan also outlined support for energy crops under the Rural Development Programme for England, to have been introduced in 2007.

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