Hydropower Revival Plan

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 12 July 2012
The French Ministry announced in July 2008 a plan to boost hydropower as part of Frances goal of increasing the share of renewable sources of energy in its final energy consumption to 23% by 2020. The plan does not include the construction of new hydropower facilities, but seeks to improve the efficiency and capacity of the countrys hydropower dams. The plan has three components. The first component involves the renewable process for the concessions of the 400 largest dams, to be attributed on a competitive basis. The candidates who wish to exploit the dams must: - Meet stringent security requirements; - Meet energy efficiency requirements to maximise their production potential; - Meet requirements as to water quality and the impact on the environment and ecosystems. The call for candidacies will take place in 2009, with the renewal process being complete by 2012. The second aspect of the plan calls for large-scale public investment in hydropower dams, in compliance with the commitments undertaken as part of the Grenelle de lEnvironnement. These investments have the following primary aims: -To improve production capacity through new generation turbines, allowing for 30% more production; - To develop pumping stations, ensuring steady supply during peak hours without having recourse to fuel-powered electricity production. - To develop small- and micro-hydropower, including the standardisation of wind turbines. Lastly, the plan will undertake measures to ensure high water quality in streams and rivers. All aspects of the plan are to be discussed with relevant stakeholders. The planned investments will be financed through an increase in the fees paid by hydroelectric concession operating companies, which will be proposed to the parliament.

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