Law 04-90 on Renewable Energy Promotion in the Framework of Sustainable Development

Last updated: 24 August 2021
Algerias Law on Renewable Energy Promotion establishes a general structure for the deployment of a Renewable Energy Policy and sets production targets. The law aims to promote sustainable development in Algeria, protect the environment and contribute to the international effort to curb climate change impacts. The legislation establishes a set of tools to promote the development and use of renewable energy. First, a complete Certification of Origin system to attest to the renewable source of targeted energy technologies. Second, a National Observatory for the Promotion of Renewable Energies to promote renewable energy at both a national and international scale. Third, a financial incentive framework, determined every year in the national Finance Law, to benefit activities promoting research and development in or deployment of renewable energy. The law implements the National Programme for Renewable Energy Promotion, created in the Law 99-09 on the Management of Energy. The National Programme is a five-year plan, incorporated into Algerias 2020 Sustainable Deployment Strategy and is assessed yearly. The Programme regulates the training activities, knowledge diffusion, research and development activities of the Algerian Government, taking into account the economic, environmental and social costs of renewable energy.

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