Regulation of the allocation of biodiesel production volumes for computing compliance with mandatory biofuel targets (Order IET/2736/2012, amending Order IET/822/2012)

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 2 May 2017

The allocation of biodiesel production volumes regulation establishes a participation process among qualified biodiesel plants so as to allocate for a two year period biodiesel production quotas that will be eligible to count towards the biofuel mandatory targets that fuel sector operators are obliged to include in their sales. The Secretary of State for Energy is entitled to extend this quota allocation for two additional years. Neither the total volume of biodiesel produced in a processing plant with no quota allocation, nor the volume fraction of produced biodiesel exceeding the allocated quota of a specific plant, will be eligible to count towards the biofuel mandatory targets on fuel sector operators. The total amount of biodiesel distributed among producers eligible to count towards target achievement will be 5,5 million tons per year. The biodiesel production quota assigned to each plant is defined according to the level of fulfilment of the following criteria: environmental protection, security of energy, security of supply, biodiesel annual production capacity (properly audited) of the plant and its economic and financial viability. The procedure was open to plants from Europe or from other part of the world. In 2013 a provisional list of plants, including the amount of biodiesel production allocated to each plant per year  (for the next 2 years), was published. Resolution of 24th January 2014 published  the final list of biodiesel plants. 

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