Green Tariff (Feed-in Tariff)

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 10 March 2021

"The Green Tariff" policy is a feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme for electricity generated from renewable energy sources was introduced in Ukraine in 2009. Scheme will be open until 1st of January 2030. 

"The Law on Electrical Energy Industry" of 16th October 1997 created a legal framework for the "Green Tariff" scheme. 

National Commission for State Energy Regulation (NERC) is responsible for management of the scheme, modification of the tariffs, granting and distributing financial support to the eligible parties. Support from the "Green Tariff" scheme can only be obtained upon the completion of a power plant. 

Technologies eligible for the support:

  • solar PV;
  • wind;
  • hydroenergy (with capacity no larger than 10MW);
  • biomass energy;

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