Training and Education

Last updated: 5 November 2017
KEA is in charge of various kinds of training and education courses, such as:
- Practical Business Training Course: Any energy manager or operator of energy-using equipment can be taught for seven hours (one day) on policies of energy conservation, laws and regulations, related to the rational energy use, efficiency and safety of energy-using equipment etc.
- Fostering Training Course: Anyone who is not a certified engineer but desires to become the operator of equipment subject to certification inspection takes this course. In it, the structure and operation of the boiler and pressure vessel, fundamentals of boiler management, fuel and combustion control, etc, are taught for 20 hours (three days). Anyone who is a certified engineer of the equipment subject to either general or certification inspection, but desires to become a gas boiler operator takes this course, too. Fundamentals of LPG and LNG, operation, maintenance and safety control of gas boilers, etc., are taught for 20 hours (three days).
- Education for Provincial Energy Planning Officials: In 1999, about 290 provincial officials responsible for energy planning were trained for five days on regional energy planning guidelines, governmental energy conservation policies, etc.
- Early Education: A total of 26 elementary and six middle schools were designated by the Ministry of Education as "Demonstration Energy Conservation Schools" in 1999. Besides financial assistance of about US$5 417 per school, KEMCO supports educational aids, such as books, video-tapes and diskettes for the designated schools.
- Other Training and Education Courses: There are other training and educational courses on energy conservation for staff in co-operative organisations, in charge of public relation and education, managers of heat-using appliances manufacturing companies, etc.

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