Notice on Formulation of the 13th Five Year Plan for Solar Power Poverty Alleviation

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 17 May 2021

The Notice was published by the National Energy Administration on 1st of August 2017. The document provides guidelines on the formulation of the 13th Five Year Plan for Solar Power Poverty Alleviation.

The document stipulates that solar PV projects should be constructed, in particular, in villages that historically struggle with poverty. The capacity of a single village level power station should not exceed 300 kW size. For those stations with a near access to the national grid, project size should not exceed 500 kW size. However, no centralized poverty alleviation solar PV plants should be constructed in provinces that experience solar curtailment issues.

The county should be considered as a basic unit, for village level power station each household should correspond to 5 to 7 kW, and for the centralized power station, each household should correspond to 25 to 30 kW.

China Development Bank and Agricultural Development Bank should be granted in charge of formulating detailed regulations and programmes to support solar power poverty alleviation projects.

Additionally, solar PV targets and projects for the poverty alleviation should be included in the annual total solar PV power generation quotas for each province and city.

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