Smart transport program

Last updated: 28 November 2019

The Smart Transport Program is a public-private alliance aimed at transport companies, freight operators, federations, providers of efficiency technologies and services, universities and related government units. Its implementation represents a contribution of 8.4% on the total emission savings to 2030 proposed in the National Mitigation Plan of the Transport sector.


The Smart Transport Program seeks to promote good practices and the implementation of technologies for efficient transport in order to:

  •  Improve energy efficiency
  •  Increase competitiveness by reducing the logistics cost.
  •  Reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) and local emissions
  •  Create a community of good practices and encourage their use in cargo transportation


The program is voluntary and its main objective is to promote good practices and technologies for efficient transport, resulting in an improvement in the costs and competitiveness of companies and a decrease in their fuel consumption, reducing emissions of effect gases Greenhouse and local impact pollutants.


The transport companies that adhere to the program select vehicles to adhere and energy efficiency improvement measures to implement in them. The measures can be varied and include among others: use of aerodynamic deflectors, idle control, efficient driving training programs, low rolling resistance tires.


To determine the impacts of changes in consumption, certain variables must be monitored and measured, before and after the implementation of the measures.


Participating companies receive recognition for being part of the program and operating more efficiently.


The program was launched in October 2018 and is implemented in two stages, from stage 1 transport companies and suppliers participate, pioneers in the implementation of energy efficiency policies and measures in their operation, working together with the government to make the program useful and applicable. Stage 2 will be launched approximately in September 2019 and the call will be open to all companies in Argentina that wish to participate.

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