Guiding opinion to accelerate the promotion and deployment of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs)

Last updated: 17 May 2021

This guiding opinion serves as an implementation guidance for the State Council's "Development Plan for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Industry (2012 - 2020)". The aim is to accelerate the deployment of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) which comprise pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles through a range of government- and market-led support programmes.


Key pillars include:

  • Accelerating the construction of charging facilities through development of technical standards, improving urban planning and land use policy for charging facilities, advancing charging technologies etc.
  • Guiding enterprises to innovate business models especially with regards to establishing effective after-sales services, recycling, innovation in investment and financing as well as innovative application of information technology.
  • Promoting the role of the public sector in deployment through public procurement of NEVs and using more NEVs in public services.
  • Improving the policy environment for NEVs through consumer subsidies, reducing fuel subsidies, tax incentives for purchase of NEVs, funding for R&D, improving financial services for NEVs etc.

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