EE building Code - “Thermal Protection of Buildings" 24-01-2016 RACN

Last updated: 12 May 2021
The norms refer directly to all residential, industrial, public buildings, and indirectly, to the construction industry including building materials and assemblies.These Construction Norms apply to the design of thermal protection of the buildings and structures under the construction and reconstruction with more than 50 m2 of residential, public, industrial, agricultural and storage areas, where certain thermal and moisture conditions are required.The new norms:Define requirements to heat transfer specific resistance of the constructions, energy efficiency indicator of the buildings, as well as to energy efficiency class and energy passports of the buildings.Dedicate the implementation of new energy efficiency indicators of the buildings (in particular, specific energy demand for the buildings heating),Envisage the evaluation and classification of energy efficiency in the buildings either in design and construction or in future use.

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