“Artificial and Natural Lighting” RACN 22-03-2017

Last updated: 12 May 2021
"Artificial and Natural Lighting" RACN 22-03-2017 construction norms set forth mandatory requirements for buildings and constructions of various purposes, outdoor working sites, outdoor sites of industrial and agricultural organizations, railroads within the working sites, outdoor/street lighting of cities and urbanand rural settlements, design, reconstruction, capital renovationand operation of road tunnels.The application of the norm will contribute to the solution of the issues on energy audit and passport issuance in residential and public buildings aimed at the improvement of energy efficiency of the buildings in the Republic of Armenia.This norm establishes methodology for performing energy audit in residential and public buildings which is intended for application of the specialized physical and legal entities engaged in energy audit of buildings. The objective of the methodology set out in this norm is to promote the identification of actual energy consumption and non-rational energy use in the buildings. This document also aims to encourage energy efficiency and to develop measures to energy efficiency improvement.

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