Ordinance (2017: 1317) on grants to private individuals for the purchase of electric bikes, mopeds, motorcycles and outboard motors

Last updated: 4 November 2019

Currently suspended due to lack of funding (2019)


Subsidy for an electrically driven outboard engine may include that battery or, if the engine's function requires several batteries at the same time, the batteries needed for the engine to be used for the ship's progress from the engine being new until the battery or batteries have worn out. The grant may only be given to a private person who is registered in Sweden and if

   1. the engine and the battery or batteries are new and purchased at the earliest on April 12, 2018,

   2. the engine and the battery or batteries are CE marked,

   3. the engine has a unique identification number or other information enabling it to be identified;

   4. the engine has a power of at least one kilowatt;

   5. the engine is intended to be used as the main engine for operating a vessel; and

   6. the engine and battery or batteries have not been the basis for other public support.

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