Sustainable mobility corridors between Portugal and Spain - CIRVE Project 2015-EU-TM-0409-S

Last updated: 24 October 2019

The Action takes place on the Atlantic and Mediterranean Core Network Corridors in Spain and Portugal (though the twinned Action "Cirve_PT" twinned Action 2015-PT-0433-S).


Its objective is to increase the use of electric vehicles in these two countries and France under a fully interoperable cross-border framework that allows electric vehicle users to transit from the north of Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, ensuring a link between the southern and northern parts of the EU.


A pilot study will be carried out to deploy 58 multi-standard quick charging points located (40 in Spain, 18 in Portugal) along the Iberian EU Corridors (Mediterranean and Atlantic) with special attention to cross-border areas between Portugal, Spain and France.


Studies will identify the solutions to current legal technical and economic barriers as well as a business model in order to boast the deployment of alternative fuels in the Iberian peninsula.


Maximum EU contribution:

1.761.616 euros (50% support from EU)


Total eligible costs:

3.523.232 euros


Transport corridor:

Atlantic, Mediterranean, Other Sections on the Core Network

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