2013 IECC - Residential Building Code (Alaska)

Last updated: 11 March 2019
Fenestration (IECC Sections R303.1.3, R402.3, R402.5)
Fenestration (including all windows and doors) and skylight U-factors are maximum acceptable levels. The glazed fenestration SHGC mximums apply to all windows, skylights and glazed doors.
Upto 15 square feet of glazed fenestration is permitted to be exempt from the U-factor and SHGC requirements. One side-hinged opaque door assembly upto 24 square feet is exempted from the Fenestration U-factor requirement.
Insulation (IECC Sections R303.1.4 and R402.2)
Insulation R-values are minimum acceptable levels and must be determined according to Federal Trade Commission rule.
Ducts (IECC Section R403.3)
Ducts must be tested and verified to have to total leakage of no more than 4cfm/100sq.ft (or 3cfm if air handler is not installed), except where air handler and all ducts are located inside conditioned space. Air handlers and filter boxes must also be properly sealed.
Air Sealing (IECC Section R402.4)
The building envelop is required to be properly sealed and tested, and verified as having an air leakage rate no higher than 3 ACH at 0.2inch w.g. (50 Pascals) in climate zones 7 and 8. Recessed lighting must also be sealed to limit air leakage.
Lighting (IECC Sections R202 and R404.1)
A minimum of 90% of permanently installed fixtures must contain only high-efficacy lamps as defined in the IECC.

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