Green Municipal Fund

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Beginning in 2000, the Government of Canada endowed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with CAD 550 million to create the Green Municipal Fund, which stimulates investment in innovative municipal infrastructure projects and environmental practices for Canadian municipal governments and their public and private-sector partners.
The Fund provides grants for cost-shared plans, feasibility studies, field tests and pilot projects, to improve the quality of air, water and soil through greater energy efficiency, the sustainable use of renewable and non-renewable resources and more efficient water, waste and waste water management. The Fund also supports the implementation of innovative environmental capital projects providing grants, loans and loan guarantees at competitive interest rates to municipalities and their partners. In addition, CAD 750,000 annually is allocated to the Green Municipal Capacity Building Program, which supports the Partners for Climate Protection program. In 2012, Green Municipal Fund eligibility was refined to target initiatives that aim to achieve significant environmental impacts and have the potential to be replicated in other communities.

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