Performance Evaluation of Eco-friendly Home

Last updated: 29 October 2019

This program was designed to develop standards for the construction of energy-saving and eco-friendly housing and construct 2 million of such housings by 2020 in order to meet the challenges of climate change and achieve low-carbon green growth.


Owners of more than 30 apartment buildings or homes should submit a green home performance evaluation statement and related materials to the local government when applying for business approval. The local governments decide on the approval based on the review of energy agencies including the Korean Energy Agency.


Contents of the green home performance evaluation statement


  • Performance standards: Total energy consumption (CO2 emission) should be lowered by over 30% for a household with living area greater than 60m2 and by over 25% for a Homeshold with living area less than 60 m2 in terms of heating, hot water supply, heat source and electricity energy.


  • Construction standards:  Installation of high efficiency condensing boilers (housings using district heating system or integrated heating system are not applicable), Obligatory installation of high-efficiency appliances (highly air-tight windows, high efficiency equipment and materials, standby power cut-off devices, network switches, high efficiency lighting, automatic switching system for public restrooms and individual temperature controlling system)

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