klima:aktiv programme Buildings

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Energy efficient construction and a high-quality restoration is the key to effective long-term climate change. The klimaaktiv building program provides information on the guiding principles for environmental change and energy-efficient design throughout Austria as well as building standards. Single-family homes, residential buildings, office buildings, event centres and sports centres have all already been built in and awarded for klimaaktiv quality. The klimaaktiv buildings standard serves as an orientation for all actors in the building sector. There are three different standards - bronze, silver and gold. The criteria are increasingly implemented in the requirements for various subsidy schemes. Does a building reach the “Gold” status, higher subsidies can be gained. New hotels, which are subsidised by the Austrian hotel and tourism bank (ÖHT) have to provide proof that the building meets the klimaaktiv “Silver” standard.

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