Capacity Building of DISCOMS

Last updated: 12 May 2021
The objective of the programme is capacity building of DISCOMs for carrying out load management programme, Development of DSM action plan and implementation of DSM activities in their respective areas. 1. 34 DISCOMs have been selected for participating as beneficiary DISCOMs under this programme.2. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between BEE and selected DISCOMs under which targets for the DISCOMs have been incorporated.3. DSM Cell has been established by 34 DISCOMs.4. DSM regulation has been notified in 19 States for 27 DISCOMs.5. Manpower Support has been provided to each DISCOM for facilitation of DSM related activities.6. Load survey and development of DSM action plan has been initiated for 34 DISCOMs. The Load survey is completed for 34 DISCOMs and DSM action plan is approved for 18 DISCOMs.7. National Power Training Institute was engaged by BEE to conduct training programmes for the officials of DISCOMs to create Master Trainers on DSM and Energy Efficiency. Under this programme 504 officials of 32 DISCOMs had been trained as Master Trainers under Training of Trainers activity. 8. Four agencies have been selected for organizing training programmes for the circle level officials of DISCOMs. Till date, 3766 no. of circle level officials have been trained.9. In the next phase, remaining 27 DISCOMs will be covered under this programme. Signing of MoU with these DISCOMs is under process.