S&L - Ceiling Fans (voluntary)

Last updated: 12 May 2021
Standards and labelling for ceiling fans covering 1200mm sweep. The referred Indian Standard is IS 374:2019 (Specifications for Electric Ceiling Type Fans) with all amendments Service Value for Ceiling Fans: Star 1: = 3.2 to Star 2: = 3.4 to Star 3: = 3.6 to Star 4: = 3.8 to Star 5: = 4.0 Service value: *Where x is the base service value as per IS 374:1979. BEE has proposed a base servicevalue of 3.2 at present and would upgrade it to higher value once the BIS value is finalised.*The BIS has proposed from the year 2010 the service value of 3.5.*All ceiling fans covered under this standard shall comply with minimum Air Delivery of210 cu m/min.

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