Danish Building Regulations 2015 (BR15)

Last updated: 23 July 2019

The Building Regulations 2015 contains the rules for construction of buildings in Denmark, both private and commercial. Regulation is primarily based on functional requirements.


The Building Regulations 2015 (BR15) are divided into two columns. The column on the left contains the legal requirements, i.e. the legally binding regulations, and the column on the right contains guideline sketches and comments on the legal requirements. The Building Regulations also comprise 7 appendices. Drawings in the guidance are only to be taken as examples. In addition to the guidance set out in the column on the right, the Danish Transport and Construction Agency has drawn up guidance relating to particular areas which are regulated in the Building Regulations. Such guidance is available at the Danish Transport and Construction Agency's website at the link provided below.


Mandatory 2010                                                                    Class 2015                                        Class 2020

Maximum energy demand/year (residential)               52.5 kWh/m2+1650 kWh/ HFS        30 kWh/m2+ 1000 kWh/ HFS                    20 kWh/m2

Ditto (non-residential)                                                    71.3 kWh/m2+1650 kWh/ HFS        41 kWh/m2+ 1000 kWh/ HFS                    25 kWh/m2


HFS is the building’s heated floor space in m2.


Development and Implementation Authority: Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority

Verification Authority: Local municipal authority



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