Campaign on tyre choice and pressure

Last updated: 27 September 2019

One of the campaigns to support increase of energy efficiency from transport by training and awareness actions. As a consequence of actions under the eco-drive programme (HNR) and the Energy Agreements, communication campaigns have been implemented promoting proper tyres choice/pressure ('Choose the best tyre'). These campaigns are supported by website information, fact sheets and tips. The campaign was evaluated in September 2016 and it was decided that in any event it would continue through to 2018. It will be subjected to a re-evaluation around 2018.


The Ministry (I&W) facilitates the campaign and acts together with a number of stakeholders such as ANWB, BOVAG, Stichting Band op Spanning (a foundation for encouraging correct tyre pressure), Stichting N&M (a foundation for nature and the environment).

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