Energy-saving at Home subsidy scheme (SEEH)

Last updated: 28 November 2019

Owner-occupants and homeowners’ associations have been able to apply for a subsidy since 2016 as a stimulus to extend energy saving measures. A total of over €56 million has been made available as a subsidy for energy saving measures (budget/funds spread across the years 2016, 2017 and 2018). According to Government, this programme is open until  31 December 2022.


The subsidy, which comprises approximately 20% of the investment, will only be issued when at least two of the following energy saving measures are performed, under the conditions set out in the subsidy scheme: wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, floor or ground insulation and replacing windows with low-emissivity glass.


When at least two energy saving measures are implemented under this requirement, the owner-occupier or owners’ association can also receive an additional subsidy for further energy saving measures, such as insulating doors or customised recommendations.


The measures and associated requirements largely correspond to the measures and requirements for the National Energy-saving Fund (National Energiebespaarfonds (NEF)) This means that the subsidy and loan can be combined to cover the entire investment.


Owner-occupants and owners’ associations that implement an extremely energy efficient package of measures receive a bonus over and above the subsidy of €4 000 per home. As a rule, such a package is considered to be renovating a home, for example, so that it becomes zero-energy. Aside from this subsidy, €4.5 million is available in subsidies specifically for owners’ associations for energy recommendations, a long-term maintenance plan involving energy saving measures (green LTMP) and process guidance. The intention of this subsidy is to provide guidance to owners’ associations in the transition to energy saving measures.

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