NOM-005-ENER-2010: Energy efficiency of household electric washing machines. Limits, testing methods and labeling

Last updated: 18 July 2019
This standard establishes establishes the minimum energy factor levels in L/kWh/cycle for washing machines according to their type (impeller, agitator and agitator with heating element), to their operation (manual, semi-automatic and automatic), to their axis (vertical or horizontal) and its size (less than 45.3 kg or greater than 45.3 kg). See the attachment for the minimum efficiency levels.
The standard NOM-005-ENER-2010 supersedes the standard NOM-005-ENER-1996. The 2000 version sets the energy performance requirements using an energy factor in L/kWh/cycle while 1996 version established the maximum energy consumption levels by year (kWh/year). The 2010 version adds a new washing machine type (agitator with heating element) and eliminates the drum type.

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