NOM-009-ENER-2014: Energy efficiency in industrial thermal insulation systems

Last updated: 18 July 2019
This standard establishes the energy efficiency of the industrial thermal insulation systems, through the maximum thermal flux density, independently of the thermal insulation system, for high or low temperature, used in pipelines or industrial equipment. See the attachment for the maximum thermal flux density levels.
The standard applies to new industrial thermal insulation systems, extensions and/or modifications, operating at high and low temperature in the following intervals:
-High temperature: 298 K (25 ° C) and up to 923 K (650 ° C).
-Low temperature: less than 298 K (25 ° C) and up to 73 K (-200 ° C).
The standard NOM-009-ENER-2014 supersedes the standard NOM-009-ENER-1995. The 2014 version modifies the operating temperature range and establishes the new calculating method.

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