The 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy and Resource Conservation by Public Institutions

Last updated: 17 May 2021

The 13th Five Year Plan for Energy and Resource Conservation by Public Institutions is one of a suite of strategic plans, which build on the broader policy directions and targets set out by the national 13th Five Year Plan.


This plan provides a comprehensive strategy for sustainable energy and resource management by public institutions, including targets, principles, key action areas, and enabling policies. By 2020, the total energy use of public institutions shall not exceed 225 million tce, while the energy consumption per person and per unit building area shall decrease by 11% and 10% respectively. Energy and resource conservation activities are mostly focused on the following three areas:


  1. Green actions
    • green building operations
    • green office operations
    • green travel actions
    • green canteen operations
    • green information actions
    • green cultural actions

2. Implementation of energy-saving projects

    • upgrading of coal-fired boilers
    • applications of renewable energy
    • land-saving and water-saving projects
    • projects to improve data and statistics of energy savings
    • pilot demonstration projects
    • projects to improve management capacity

3. Improve safeguard measures

    • strengthen organisational leadership
    • improve institutional standards
    • strengthen supervision and assessment
    • implement fund guarantee
    • strengthen technical support

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