Minimum Energy Performance Standards for ceiling fans

Last updated: 16 October 2019

The Interministerial Order No. 2 of June 29, 2017 establish Minimum Energy Performance Stadards (MEPS) for ceiling fans.


Minimum energy efficiency levels for veiling fans:

  • Low speed: 0.13 [(m3/s)/W]
  • Medium speed: 0.016 [(m3/s)/W]
  • High speed: 0.016 [(m3/s)/W]


Ceiling fans fall under this MEPS if they have the following characteristics:

  • Ceiling fans are mechanical devices to be fixed to the ceiling, operated by a single-phase electric motor powered by 127V or 220V voltage. These equipments are used to convert mechanical rotational energy into increased air pressure through propellers. They can be controlled via interfaces attached directly to the ventilation structure or remotely, wired or wireless;
  • Ceiling Fans use propellers with a maximum diameter of 152.4 cm, whose purpose is the ventilation of domestic or commercial environments.

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