European Union - Ecodesign-Dishwasher - 2011

Last updated: 18 November 2019
Their A+++ class dishwasher brings benefits such as:
Less noise – as the Ecodesign directive restricts the maximum noise, and this information is displayed on the energy label.
Better cleaning – as the Ecodesign directive requires a minimum cleaning effectiveness.
Better drying – as the energy label rates the drying efficiency of dishwashers.
Better information – as the Ecodesign directive requires better information on the cleaning cycles and the Energy Label displays an approximation of the dishwasher washing capacity (in place settings).
All previous qualitative benefits create more flexibility for when to use the appliance and they save time, as less re-washing or drying by hand is required compared to before.
€0.82 net financial savings each year.

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