High-efficiency Appliance Certification

Last updated: 31 October 2019

The High efficiency equipment certification programme certifies equipment as being high efficiency. The programme is a voluntary scheme operated by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korea Energy management Corporation (KEMCO). Certified products may bear the "High-efficiency Equipment Label" after acquiring high-efficiency equipment certificates issued by KEMCO. Manufacturers seeking certification must submit an application and appropriate documents, including a performance testing report undertaken by a designated testing facility, to KEMCO.


The objective of the program is to promote certified facilities and equipment and create relevant markets. The program also aims to maximize energy conservation by raising technological standards of SMEs. Moreover, it aims to develop energy efficiency technology and to promote high-efficiency equipment.


Targets of the program are Lighting equipment (21): sensor lighting equipment, metal-halide lamps, electric ballasts for metal-halide lamp, electric ballasts for natrium lamps, PLS equipment, UCD lamp equipment, reflectors for HID lamps, LED traffic lights, LED leading lights, LED lamps using external converter, LED lamps using internal converter, attaching and detaching LED equipment, LED guard lighting equipment, LED sensor equipment, converters for LED lighting modules, LED street lights, LED flood lighting equipment, LED tunnel luminaires, Tubular LED lamps, LED module for channel letter signs, LED lamps for fluorescent lamp retrofit (internal converter type). Insulation equipment (2): high-performance insulating door, adhesive films for glazing. Electricity equipment (11): uninterruptable power supply systems, inverters, multi-function type switching systems, single-phase induction motors, pumps, ventilation fans, centrifugal blowers, air lifters, turbo blowers, energy storage systems, demand controllers. Boilers and cooling/heating equipment (11): industrial and building gas boilers, oil combustion hot water boilers, industrial and building oil boilers, regenerative boilers, heat recovery ventilators, centrifugal screw chiller, automatic temperature control systems for heating, direct-fired absorption cool and hot water dispenser, thermos hygrostats, gas heat pumps, and gas vacuum hot water boilers (total 45 products).


Supports to promote high-efficiency equipment include loans and tax incentives, public buildings' purchase of high-efficiency equipment, The Public Procurement Service's purchases of high-efficiency equipment, The recommended use of high-efficiency products for construction of apartments and office buildings with area greater than 3,000m2, and financial incentives for installation of high-efficiency certified products.



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