Long-Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (LTA3/MJA3) (with industrial sectors and some sectors in built environment and transport), including additional 'enhancements' under the Energy Agreement

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Negotiated agreements to improve energy efficiency and enhance the use of renewable energy in the more energy intensive sectors of industry (for companies not under the emission trading system ETS). Also some sectors in built environment en rail transport participate. Includes 4 year energy plans (EEP), realisation and reporting of measures and development of longer term roadmaps towards 2030. Under the Energy Agreement since 2013 some measures have been added/adapted to increase energy efficiency e.g. mandatory checks by RVO.nl on progress with sanctions on the use of LTA benefits in case of lack of progress and the development and implementation of periodical energy checks (EPK). There are now consequences for non-compliance with the agreements in the EEP, and every company receives an annual progress declaration if the planned measures in the EEP have been implemented and the associated minimum saving has been achieved. Also following agreements are valid for LTA3 companies, A. A list of measures is (as far as possible) compiled for each LTA sector. The companies shall implement the cost-effective energy efficiency measures on the list. B. A sector target is set on the basis of all the EEPs in a sector. This target is set out in a long-term plan (LTP). C. Within three years of joining, the company participating in the LTA3 must have an energy management system in place and issue reports thereon

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