Market Transformation through Introduction of Energy Efficient Electric Vehicles Project (E-Trike Project)

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), the DOE is implementing the Market Transformation through Introduction of Energy Efficient Electric Vehicles Project or the E-Trike Project to promote energy efficiency and clean technologies in the transport sector. It aims to reduce the sector’s annual petroleum consumption by 2.8 percent (based on 20 million barrels annual consumption in 2010) and to avoid CO2 emission of estimated 259,008 tons annually by shifting to 100,000 electric tricycles (e-trikes). Timeline:2012: commissioning of design2013 - 2015: initial investment phase (PHP 500 million investment, 500 local jobs generated)2015: stakeholder engagement - local government units (LGUs), financial institutions, and Transport Operators and Drivers' Associations Roadmap:SHORT-TERM (2017-2019)- Lobby with LGU to provide enabling environment such as preferential franchises for electric vehicles.- Network with LandBank of the Philippines (LBP) and other financial conduits such as, rural banks, transport cooperatives, multi-purpose cooperatives to provide loan facilities.- Facilitate the establishment of minimum performance and non-discriminatory regulations for EVs and charging stations.- Facilitate the improvement of electric vehicles value chain through the development of training modules for drivers and operators on the safe use of EVs in partnership with Technical - Education and Skill Development Authority (TESDA).- Development of Emergency Response Protocol for EVs with the DILG-BFP.- Network with transport groups to establish demand for EVs- Conduct IECs and public awareness campaigns to address social acceptance problems on the benefits of using EVs MEDIUM-TERM (2020-2022)- Advocate for the passage of legislations that will bring down the cost of EVs acquisition either through importation for the initial market penetration and sourcing out locally in the medium term.- Continue promotional activities of EVs.

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