Bike kilometric allowance

Last updated: 12 November 2019

The law provides that the costs of employees who go to work by bike can be covered in whole or in part by the employer via the payment of a kilometric bike allowance (Indemnité kilométrique vélo - IKV).


Putting in place the mileage allowance is only optional for the employer: the latter is therefore not obliged to set it up.


The benefit granted to employees is set up, according to the case, by company agreement or by unilateral decision of the employer after consulting the works council or the staff representatives.


The amount of the allowance has been set by Decree No. 2016-144 of 11 February 2016 at 25 eurocents per kilometer. On average, this amount is equivalent to a monthly allowance of a few dozens of euros per month for employees who travel by bicycle. The employer may set minimum and maximum payment thresholds.

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