Regulations on gas-fired heating installations

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Regulations on gas-fired space and water heating installations (covering both liquefied and natural gas) took effect in October 2000. While covering various technical aspects, they also established minimum thermal efficiency requirements for gas-fired heating installations. For those installed prior to 1 January 1992 this must be 87%, increasing to 89% for those installed after 1 January 1992. For equipment installed after 1 January 1998, the thermal efficiency requirements are as follows: 4-25 KW: 89%; 26-50 kW: 90%; 51-3000 kW: 91%. In addition, installations must be inspected every four years by a certified inspector. _________________________________________________________________________ No longer in force. The regulation of the 17th October 2000 has been replaced by the regulation of the 27th February 2010 concerning gas fired installations.

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